Little Boy Laughs

As I cleaned up in the kitchen, I heard my boys running around playing in the living room.

Joe: Jacob! Help me! I’m falling in the water!

Then Jake would giggle and run around, tripping over his own feet.

I laughed to myself and started to put more dishes away…pausing a few seconds later to wonder, when did that happen?

When did Joe decide his little brother was a good playmate? For so long it seemed that Joe would never learn to play with his brother what with all the “Mmommy!”, “My toys!” and “No!” cries that were constantly ringing through the house.

But suddenly, Joe is pulling Jake into his imaginary world and asking him to save him from drowning or help him to fix an imaginary tractor, loader or combine.

It’s such a tiny change, but it is also a big one. I know that they will not always get along, but for the first time I am getting a glimpse at what life will be like with the two of them getting along and playing together.

Good times, good laughs and loads of fun are coming our way. All I can hope for is to be able to keep up with their shenanigans and foil their mischievous plans.

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