Winter Activities Week 4

We didn’t get to very many of the planned activities last week. We had a dentist appointment on Tuesday, a playdate with a friend on Wednesday and went to MOPs (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) on Friday. We had great week filled with many unplanned activities, reminding me and the boys to just roll with the punches.

Math Activity
Usually Joe only counts to 3 and then just starts calling out random numbers, but last week as I was putting empty bottles into a divided box he started counting them. He got to 14 and then he skipped to 19 and, of course his favorite number, 419. (I have no idea why but he says this number constantly.)

So we are going to count this week. We’ll count whatever we can find…bottles, legos, apples, books, seeds, cars…whatever he is interested in.

Language Activity
We didn’t get to the ping-pong alphabet game. Mostly because I could not find a bulk package of ping-pong balls at a reasonable price. But now I’ve ordered them from Amazon so we are going to tackle it this week. I think Joe will enjoy it and I think Jake will like throwing the balls…hopefully not at Joe. 

Science Activity
The snowstorm in a bag was a bit disappointing. Joe lost interest pretty quickly. The cotton balls didn’t work, but the ripped up bits of napkin did. On the other hand, I enjoyed drawing the snowman.


We also played “Sink or Float” last week. Joe actually came up with it. He was helping me cook and I gave him a cup of water. He took a few drinks and then started dropping different things in the water. “Look Mommy! It sinks!” (At first I thought he said “It stinks!”).

So I filled a larger container with water and brought over different objects…having him guess if they would sink or float. This week, we are going to play this game in the bathtub since Joe liked it so much.

Bible Study
We are adding a bible study activity this week. We’ll continue to read the Jesus Storybook Bible and also start to learn some new bible songs. Joe has started to sing a lot lately…sometimes real songs and sometimes made-up songs about what he is doing at the time.

Craft Activity
We did not have potatoes last week so we could not do the snowmen stamps. This is the week!

Both boys are really into magnets right now too so we will play with some of the magnet toys they got for Christmas along with all of the reading, playing and imagining we do on a daily basis.

One response to “Winter Activities Week 4

  1. We use to watch Captain Kangaroo when I was little and they had ping pong balls raining down on them occasionally. Usually on the moose.

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