Winter Activities Week 5

New week, new (and old) activities! Last week we did the potato stamps, sink or float and counting activities. This week’s line-up is…

Math Activity
Our counting fun was a blast last week. Joe counted (somewhat) in order and is recognizing more and more numbers. We’ll continue with the counting and number recognition this week and to the mix we’ll add a few activities I found on a blog called Feels Like Home.

Many of these activities we are already doing. Joe helps me cook and we count scoops and measurements. We are always calling out numbers and counting steps, etc. The activity I am really excited about is the Monster Math game.

Joe is a bit obsessed with monsters and “scary” things right now so he will love the monsters we are going to make using an empty Kleenex box, construction paper, some pens and googly eyes.

I’ll cut out squares of construction paper and number them or maybe even use some of the ping pong balls I have for the letter game. Then we will “feed” the monsters and count each bite. Fun!

Language Activity
Well, the ping-pong balls were late so we will be getting to the ping-pong alphabet game later in the week. Joe has also been “reading” lately…telling the stories from memory or interpreting what is happening through the pictures (pretty cute), so we will also do some more of that this week.

Science Activity
Sink or float in the tub was a big hit and has now become a part of the bath time routine. Also, Jake is really, really into magnets. He was given a magnet set for Christmas and he was sitting and playing with it for awhile today, letting the magnets do their work and laughing. Adorable.

I am really excited about this week’s experiment…Ice volcanoes! I think the boys will have a blast with this one even though we have played around with volcanoes before using the baking soda and vinegar method.

Bible Study
Bible songs and readings will continue again this week. We are working on the Lord’s Prayer and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

Craft Activity
If you read my post An Impromptu Science Activity, you know how “successful” the potato snowman activity was. Our craft for this week will be a bit less messy. I’m simply going to have Joe help me make the monsters for our counting game. As I said, he is really into monsters right now so I think he will have a lot of fun with it.

And that’s the plan!

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