Audrey and the Bubble Bath Kids: An Introduction

In a yellow house with blue shutters lived a girl named Audrey.

Audrey liked many things.

She liked eating strawberries.

She liked swinging and sliding.

She liked twirling round and round in the sun.

But there was one thing she liked to do more than anything else…

Audrey loved taking baths.

Audrey would find any excuse to take a bath.

If she was eating icecream…she would bite off the bottom of the sugar cone and let the gooey mess drip drop all over her.

If she was playing outside, she would find a mud puddle and splish splash through the dirty mess.

Her mother would just shake her head as she started the bath water.

She would sigh as she poured the bubbles into the tub.

She would smile knowingly as she placed Audrey in the water.

And once Audrey was in the water…well, that was when the magic would happen.

For in the bathtub lived the Bubblebath Kids.

To be continued…

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