Winter Activities Week 7

It is hard to believe it is already the middle of February. Last week we had a blast with our line-up of activities and the fun will continue this week.

Math Activity
Joe continued to play the shape games on his Kindle and he was even “teaching” Jake shapes on a wooden Melissa and Doug puzzle. The Monster Math Game was not nearly as much of a hit this past week and when I tried to use the bug house for counting, Joe just wanted to go and hunt real bugs so we did that instead. Fortunately, we did not have any luck finding bugs in our house…this time.

This week we are going to go on a Number Hunt and play Shape Searchers. Both boys are a bit obsessed with Blue’s Clues right now so that is where the Shape Searchers game comes from. We’ll wander around the house searching for different shapes. Joe already points out squares or circles that are left in the carpet from boxes or other heavy objects and Jake has taken to following him around and mimicking him.

We can go on a Number Hunt where ever we are. We were at a sport’s themed restaurant today with my mom and Joe kept pointing out numbers on the jerseys that were hanging on the wall.

I like both of these games. They are simple and fun with zero prep work on my part.

Language Activity
So I created an alphabet rug and both boys decided it would be more fun to race around all the letters. They liked the crinkle sound the paper made under their feet. Getting Joe to identify specific letters turned out to be impossible and I stopped trying when I felt myself getting frustrated. Oh well, at least they had fun. We’ll save this game and play on the rug at the library.

This week we are going to focus on site words. Joe got several puzzle games for Christmas. In one game there are sets of two puzzle pieces that fit together, one is the word and the other is a picture. Joe and I have been playing it and he does a pretty good job of identifying the pictures and then telling me what each letter is…although one set was the word “bowl” and a picture of a bowl with chopsticks and noodles and Joe said, “It’s a mixer!”

I’m also working with him to recognize and be able to spell his name. When I write “Joe” on a piece of paper he knows that it says Joe. When I write “Jake” he knows that it says Jake. Also, both boys got puzzles for Christmas spelling out their full names. We were playing with them last week and I asked Joe what the one with his name said and he correctly said, “Joseph. That’s me!” Of course, when I write “Mom” on a piece of paper he guesses “Joe” too.

Science Activity
The kinetic sand was AWESOME! Joe had a lot of fun with it and we came up with a letter game by hiding little foam letters in the sand and digging them out with a little plastic spoon. I tried to let Jake play too, but he kept trying to eat it so I set him on the floor with a couple of puzzles.

This week we are going to be starting some seeds. We did our winter garden seed kit but only the snap dragons sprouted and then quickly wilted away. Once we get the grow light up and the seedling heat mat down, we are going to start cabbage and some lettuce. Joe and Jake will help and we will keep a chart similar to the chart we had for the winter garden kit.

Bible Study/Craft
This week we are going to do a bible craft. First, I’ll read the boys the story of Daniel in the lion’s den and talk about being faithful and true and doing the right thing no matter what and then we’ll make a lion’s head out of a paper plate and construction paper. Idea courtesy of the blog One Artsy Mama.

The secret Valentine’s craft was a lot of fun. I can’t say more here yet, but there were a lot of giggles and the kitchen table was a disaster of paint and paper scraps when we were done. Valentines are on their way to the many grandparents our boys are blessed to have.

Reading, playing games, putting puzzles together, playing hide-and-go-seek and watching Blue’s Clues…what a fun week!

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