Winter Activities Week 9

We breezed through all but one of last week’s activities. Woot!

This week the line-up is…

Math Activity
The foam star game was kind of…chaotic. Joe was pretty hyped up on being a 3-year-old so he just hunted the numbers, throwing them into the air as he found them. We played the game a couple of times but we did not get to the counting part so we’ll try again this week. 

Also, we are going to play a number match game with cards. I took an old deck of playing cards and pulled out the numbers from two suits. I taped one set to a sheet of black construction paper and stuck velcro dots on each card so that Joe can stick the matches together.

wpid-IMG_20140223_191255_559.jpg wpid-IMG_20140223_191308_150.jpg

Language Activity
Cookie cutter letter painting was a big hit! Jake barely ate any of the (nontoxic) paint and Joe had fun making letters, shapes and signs with the cookie cutters. After we were all done with that, he grabbed some of his construction trucks and drove through the paint making tracks all over the paper. Incredibly messy, but super fun.

wpid-IMG_20140217_092115_532.jpg wpid-IMG_20140217_092119_822.jpg

We also played a fun new game with the dot letters Joe made awhile back. I taped them up around the living room and had Joe match foam letters to the paper letters. He and a friend played it one day and were helping each other out. It was adorable!

This week we are going to play with the new foam floor mat I got with letters and numbers on it. I can configure it in different ways so the game possibilities are endless.

Science Activity
Starting the seeds has been pushed again. This is the week!

I also found a great new blog, Mom To 2 Posh Lil Divas, with a fun eggsperiment using, you guessed it, eggs. I’m looking forward to it and expect messy giggles.

Bible Study/Craft
Joe and Jake both liked the Ten Commandments train. Joe helped for about a minute and Jake ripped paper. Joe now knows don’t covet, don’t steal and don’t lie. We go over them every morning at breakfast and end with both boys making the “Choo Choo!” sound.


This week we will be creating some noisemakers! Once we make them, we’ll run around the house singing songs like “Jesus Loves Me” and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”.

What a noisy mess this week will be!

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