Cabbage Babies

Within 6 days of starting seeds, we have lift-off!

The cabbage seedlings were the first to break through the soil and reach up to the light. Not every egg well has a seedling yet, but within the next couple of days we should see all egg wells populated with tiny cabbage babies.


The days to germination for the peppers are slightly longer so it will be a a week or so before the first progress report.

Italian Peppers: 10-21 days
Jalapeno: 8-12 days
Poblano: 8-12 days
Green Bell: 10-21 days
Hungarian Wax: 8-12 days

Stay tuned for tomato starts later this week!

A Haiku for your enjoyment my amusement.
Little cabbage babes
Breaking through, seeking the light
Kraut is coming soon

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