Bushels and Bushels of Tomatoes

All space in my seed starting station is now officially claimed by cabbage, peppers and tomatoes. I do not know what I will do when it is time to start the herbs next week. We may have to install another set of grow lights.


I started cherry tomatoes, ground cherries, heirloom rainbow blend, Mr. Stripey, Black Sea Man, Black Prince and Pruden’s Purple–probably a bit too ambitious considering I promised myself I wouldn’t overdo it again this year. But…where’s the fun in being conservative with the garden?

Days to germination for all of the varieties is somewhere between 14 and 20 days. We will most likely have to transplant them before putting them in the garden. It’s risky with tomatoes as they are finicky and do not like to be moved too often.

While I was starting the tomatoes, the boys were busy making a “beautiful mess” of the basement. I guess they were at least occupied while I planted.


And now for an update on the rest of the gang.


Peppers haven’t grown much but I did find a bit of bright green mold on them so I must be over watering. I’ve removed it but it may hinder the rest of the seedlings from sprouting.

My lettuce has sprouted!

Next week I’ll be starting the herbs.

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