Cluck, Cluck, Cluck!

Chick days are here! We took both boys to Big R to look at the chicks and ended up coming home with ten Rhode Island Reds. I don’t think it would be possible for the boys to be more excited. Now we just have to keep them from picking them up by the neck.


Right now we have them in a cardboard box with newspaper in the bottom and wood shavings on top of that. They are nice and toasty with a heat lamp shining down on them.

Right now, they are a little freaked out. And who wouldn’t be? They’ve been booted out of their comfy home at the store and brought to a strange place with rambunctious boys squealing and laughing maniacally while they try to pick them up and “pet” them.

We have an automatic watering station, which they have already managed to poop in, and a tray-style feeder.

Oh, and we’ve named them. Edith, Mildred, Hannah, Sara, Jack (Joe named this one), Louisa, Beth, Anne with an e, Heidi and Esther. Of course we have no way of telling them apart so the names are only for our my benefit amusement.

When they grow up, they will be a pretty rusty shade of brown…maybe with some maroon and black coloring too.

Rhode Island Reds can be aggressive, so we’ll have to make sure to introduce Charlie to them at an early stage so they know he is a friend and not a foe to be attacked. They will probably be used to the kids before too long and like Charlie, tolerate their enthusiasm and petting.

Very soon we will be putting our chicken tractor together.

SPRING IS HERE! (Sort of.)

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