Growth and Mourning

It would seem that the sickness that invaded our home and infected everyone made it’s way to the seedlings as well. Either that, or none of us were well enough to manage a trip down to water them for a few days.

My poor cabbage was wilted and so sad. I was able to save 5 or 6 by repotting and watering. They perked up within a few hours…amazing how that works.

For the new pots, I used small plastic cups. I poked holes in the bottom of one and placed it inside another with water in the bottom and then I spritzed the top with more water.
image image

On a happier note, the cilantro finally sprouted. These were the seeds we saved from our crop last year.


Another plague struck the tomatoes and peppers: a weird and sinister bright green mold. So I potted these up as well in the same way that I did the cabbage.

They really weren’t ready, but I took the risk because had I left them in the moldy dirt, they would have eventually withered away. At least now they have a chance to thrive.



I mixed a bag of vermiculite with my seed starter mix and started some more broccoli and cilantro. This will be my test as I’ve read in Square Foot Gardening that Mel Bartholomew uses vermiculite to start seeds. We’ll see how it goes.


And now for the haiku.

Mold, how disgusting
You dare to grow in my dirt!
To the trash with you

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