Miniature Forest and Berries Awakening

Progress! It is amazing to watch these little seedlings develop into actual plants. Every time I go downstairs to look at them…I get even more excited about the this year’s garden.

First up, sweet chocolate peppers. It took awhile, but they are finally getting their second set of leaves and looking gorgeous.


What you see here are my black sea man tomatoes and a couple broccoli plants reaching up toward the UV bulbs.

image image

Here are more tomatoes as well as a pepper plant I saved from bright green mold.


The lettuce is going crazy and the egg tray is some more broccoli starts. The boys go nuts for it so I’m hoping to have a much better harvest this year.


Over the weekend, we were outside with the pullets letting them get some much needed exercise. I walked around and checked on all of our beds and was surprised to see the strawberries waking up. Little and big leaves were running through the beds!

image image

And here is the spinach in the cold frame…progressing along nicely.


I also set some of the more mature starts to get some authentic sunlight.

True sunlight, so warm
We don’t even mind the wind
Put us in the ground




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