Imagine my surprise and delight when I looked in on my kitchen garden and found what, at first glance, appeared to be grass, but on closer inspection (and a taste test) turned out to be chives! I thought all herbs were annuals, but oregano and chives are perennials along with a bunch of others.

Since some of our oregano, English thyme and chives all went to seed last season, I’m hoping to see some new herb growth all over the gardens this season.


As I mentioned before, we are expanding. Yesterday I mulched the strawberry and rose bed, expanding it up to the cold frames. I also started mulching the kitchen garden to the West edge of the house.

We were able to get some hay for a $1.50 a bale so we are using it to mulch both the gardens that are close to the house and our swales.

image image

It snowed Monday night. Yep, mid-April and we had snow. So of course some of my shrubs arrived. I pulled the box into the garage and will start planting those this week and continue to seed and mulch the swales.

New Arrivals
Thornless blackberry
Alpine yellow strawberry
Autumn Olive
Nanking Cherry
Apple and Cherry rootstock
Mashua: a tuber
Cherry rhubarb
Jersey Knight asparagus
Pinot Noir grapes
Kinnickinnick: ground cover for between swales (pictured below)

Outside: A Haiku
Oh get me outdoors
Joyfully working the soil
Fresh air and laughter

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