To nap, to clean or to plant? That is the question…

Today I had a big decision to make. Both boys went down for a nap…at the same time. I had all but forgotten what that was like. I looked around my house thinking that maybe I should clean. Ha! Clean when both of them are napping? Ludicrous.

My next thought was to take a nap myself. Late nights and early mornings have become routine around here. Then I looked outside. How could I sleep when it was so beautiful and I have a gajillion trees and bushes to plant?

I can plant and dig when the boys are awake but it takes a lot longer. They like to help. They like to wander off. They like to step on my newly planted strawberries.


I patiently (most of the time) let them help me because I know that if I don’t, they will lose interest and not want to help when they are older. I figure if I make it fun for them now…there is a chance that they will enjoy it as they grow. That’s the plan anyway.

Since they were napping, I went outside, put my boots on and played in the dirt.

I started by planting kinnickinnick in the swale. I’m hoping that it will vine out and spread into a beautiful green blanket…just like all the pictures.


I also walked around the swales a bit. It hasn’t rained in 3 or 4 days but we still have standing water in part of the top swale. Pretty cool since before all the water ran off our property in a day.


I had my tomato starts out on the deck and since I have been itching to get them in the ground, I decided I’d experiment. I took a black seaman, a ground cherry and an heirloom (variety unknown) and transplanted them to the kitchen garden. We’ll see how they do. Hopefully it doesn’t snow in June.

IMG_20140417_150901_022 IMG_20140417_150846_329 IMG_20140417_150824_196

Then I went out to the fedge thinking…”I’m not gonna have time to get all these in.” I had 8 bushes to plant: 3 blackberry, 3 autumn olive and 2 seaberry. Not only did I get them all planted, fertilized and mulched…I also dug the holes for the remaining 3 seaberry bushes and 3 blackberry bushes coming from another nursery. Now when they get here all I have to do is fertilize, cover and mulch!

IMG_20140417_151904_511 IMG_20140417_170040_837

Of course, I’m not completely done with the fedge. We’ll still need to put cages around the newbies to keep the deer from helping themselves even though we have a whole back pasture full of clover and…but I digress.

I’m feeling like I accomplished quite a bit today. I got some exercise, sun and free therapy.

Next up? Planting trees in the swale.

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