Day in the Sun

Good Friday…what a perfect day! Ray, the boys and I spent all day outside planting, playing and soaking up the sun.

My not so little starts also basked in the sun and enjoyed a full day outdoors too. I even let them stay out all night. image

Ray pulled all of the hay out to the swale for mulching. image

He was hard at work digging holes for all the trees we need to plant. We have 30 oak, 4 nanking cherry, 4 chestnut, 2 almond, 2 walnut, 4 dwarf cherry, 1 dwarf pear, 3 cherry root, 3 apple root, some willow and dogwood we got from Ray’s grandparents and 3 sugar sweet cherry that we need to plant. That’s right…56+ trees and we still need more.

We managed to get the nanking cherry, cherry root and apple root trees planted.

On Saturday, Ray got some of the oak and the starts we brought from his grandparents planted on Saturday. We got some root tone for the dogwood and willow. The instructions say all you have to do is dip the cut side of a tree in the root tone and stick it in the ground so we’ll see how they do. image

Joe and Jake both helped to break up all the dirt clods in the swales. They were filthy and smiling by the end of the day…we all were. image

I planted jersey knight asparagus in 3 shallow trenches in the back garden. I plan to go out sometime this week and plant some marigolds between the rows as well as some basil. Both are said to be good companions. The marigolds repel pests and the basil helps to make the asparagus more vigorous.

Our chickens also enjoyed the sunshine. They played, flapped and one of them even tried their claw at roosting on the bamboo roost we put in the pen.  wpid-0420141728.jpg


By the end of the day we were all tired. Joe fell asleep on the floor after dinner and Jake didn’t even want to read a book before snuggling in his crib. I’m looking forward to many more days like that.


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