Walking the Property

This week I’ve been direct sowing seeds in the kitchen garden and the back garden. I’ve marked them with popsicle sticks and orange flags–some that I repurposed from the utility markers JULIE used.


I’ve also been walking the property, observing the shrubs we planted last year and checking the trees in the swale. We plant more trees in it every day. This week I’ve planted two cherry varieties and a pear.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my aronia already budding. Nothing from the blueberries yet, but I have faith that they will soon show their colors.


Another surprise…it seems my blackberries, planted last Friday, are getting bigger. Of course, it could be only my imagination; I forgot to take pictures for comparison.


The crazy winds did not do too much damage to the sea berries. They are still going strong.


This is the apple tree, grafted with two varieties. I’m happy that it is coming back despite the horrible prune job I did last fall.


Every day, my roses fill out even more. They bushes are bigger than last year. I cannot believe how much they have grown!



And the strawberries? More blooms every time I look at them. image

This season is shaping up to be more productive than last year. My starts are doing better, I’ve taken more time planning out each area and we have already put in our swales. When I think about it…I can’t believe how much we have accomplished…and it’s just the beginning.

A Haiku to celebrate what we have accomplished so far…

Beautiful garden
Growing greener every day
Can’t wait til harvest


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