Holding Water

It’s been raining and our swale is working like it should.

There is a bit of water in the south swale, and we are holding a lot of water in part of the north swale. It’s exciting to see!



There is rain in the forecast for the next several days so I am expecting to see more standing water in the swales. Between each burst of rain, I’m going to try to get out and plant, plant, plant. We need to get the rest of the clover down, the rest of the trees planted, not to mention the strawberries, creeping phlox and crown vetch I need to put in the fedge and vineyard.

We have one more shipment containing the muscadine grapes, shallot and snow in summer. Then it will be time to start putting the annuals in the ground.

Busy hands have we
Digging, dirt under our nails
Rain or sun, we plant


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