The Chicken Chateau

The plans for the chicken shack chateau have evolved over time. Each time Ray tells someone about it, he gets more ideas and improves the design. We finally found a trailer to use so construction is now underway.


The chickens, ready to get into their new home.


The plans, a top view and side view.

Ray and his dad went out and bought all the wood and materials we will need to build. image

Once they reviewed the plan and worked out all the details, construction went pretty fast. The walls went up and the roost went in first. image

Next, the roof went on. A gutter to collect rainwater for the chickens to drink will be an after market addition.


Ray and his dad then built and installed the nesting boxes.

Then the door was installed. They called me out to test it once they were finished.
image image

It’s pretty slick. The main door is hinged at the top and we will really only need to open it when we clean the coop out. There is a small door for the chickens with a hinged walkway. One day it will be automatic, but for now it works on a pulley so that I just have to pull a string and the door raises up. image

After driving it out to the playpen, we nestled the birds into their new home.

image image

The chateau is not complete quite yet. We still need to work out the details of the automatic feeder and waterer.

The solar panel needs to be attached for power and we’ll need to figure out how we are going to attach their playpen so they can move in and out throughout the day. Right now we are using a camo play tunnel that belongs to the boys.

Finally, I’ll need to pick out a color and paint it once it has sat in the sun and the wood has dried out a bit. We want to paint it a color that will blend in with the yard and grasses.

But, the chickens have been transferred and are much happier with all the room–at least they will be once they get over the shock.

Haiku for the birds:

Snug in their new home
Finally they have more room
Time to start laying



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