Greening Up!

While walking around the property today I found a few pleasant surprises. I’m not sure why I should be surprised that things are greening up. After all, it’s Spring and that’s when things start blooming; but, it’s still a delight to see that first bud of green.

First up is the apple tree we planted last year. The mulberries have not yet shown their green, but there are buds so it’s coming soon.image

Next are the nanking cherry trees we planted in the south swale. They had a few sprigs on them when we planted them, but they have even more vibrant green leaves now.
image image

The sugar sweet cherry trees are also getting their green on with tiny leaves sprouting. image

This is the English lavender we planted. It’s gotten a wee bit bigger and is sort of a dusky green right now. image

What’s this? Our Dutch white clover! That’s right, it is starting to blanket the swales. Once it gets full and lush, little white flowers will start to bloom.image

The Autumn olive that rocked out last year is getting leaves. I’m really excited to see what it will do this year. image


The only blueberry bush that is greening up is the one that sat on our deck for a year, moved with us to Illinois, stayed with Grandma while we were in temporary housing and then sat on our deck for another 6 months. I’m a little shocked that it is the first to sprout. image

Greening Haiku
How sweet the plants grow
Greening with the dew of Spring
Pleasant surprises

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