And Then the Rain Came…

And then the rain came
Gently soaking plants and swale
Nature works for me

Here are a few pictures of the tomatoes and peppers that I started in early March. Transplanted to the garden. I have more started in the basement.



The burning bush plants that Ray put in on the West side of the drive are doing well. Our neighbor has one in his backyard and it is gorgeous. We planted some ground cover called snow in summer between the bushes. image

And now in the fedge. This is one of the blackberry bushes we planted a few weeks back. It was a lot smaller then.image

I am so excited about the aronia. All four have beautiful white buds all over them. I think they are all going to bear fruit this year. image

The autumn olives are now all sprouting dusky green leaves!image

I’m so impressed with how well the spinach, lettuce, carrots and cilantro are doing in the cold frame. We have to be careful to vent it now that it is getting warmer during the day. We don’t want to burn the leafy greens. Every day, we look at the carrots and Joe asks me if they are ready. He loves carrots!image

Look at those roses and strawberries!image

The apple tree is really taking off. I can’t believe we might have fruit this year…I can’t imagine it bearing the weight of apples. The mulberry trees are also greening up. image

Here’s some lettuce that is doing well out in the kitchen garden.image

Joe’s cabbage is really taking off in the planter on our deck. He also planted some oregano. I found this out when I saw him shaking the seed packet over the container and now it is coming up. image

In other news, the rain filled most of the North swale…deeper in some spots than others because we need to even out the bottoms. image

Ray and his dad set up the gutter and barrel for the automatic water feeder for the chicken coop. We were just testing it with the rain that came and will get it fully attached and ready to start working before the next storm.

The rest of the grapes came yesterday so I got those in the ground as well as the snow in summer. I have shallots to plant on Monday and then I’ll be getting out and planting seeds every day for the next few weeks.


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