Hopped Up on Sunshine

“The hops are up!” said Ray one day. How could I have missed them!

Only two of the four have started to take off. Growing faster this year than last as we expected. Since the other two didn’t do so hot last year, I doubt we will see any sign of them.

Ray wants to figure out something else for them to climb up. Our twine idea didn’t work too well last year. Too much wind, so we are looking at trellising and other options. Ray is worried about the hops shading out the kiwi and grapes, but they can handle partial shade.



I’m pretty excited that the celery is growing again this year. It worked so well last year! I will soon need to pot it up or just plant it in the garden.

A haiku for my amusement:
Green and pretty hops
Fast and thick you are growing
Don’t die like last year

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