Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

We are participating in a CSA this year. The first time we did this was in Michigan and it was a wonderful, community-building experience. We joined this year even though we will (theoretically) have more than enough produce. Why?

Eventually, down the road…someday, we hope to turn our gardening passion from hobby to business in the form of a CSA. We joined because we would like to learn more about the running of such a business.

We also joined as a way to try new and unique produce and to get ideas of what to add to our garden plan for next year. Additionally, we’d like to expose the boys to new varieties of veggies…expand their palates beyond the usual suspects.

At least at this CSA, there are no GMOs, pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers used. A big bonus! Plus, we know that it is fresh and picked when ripe. No underripe tomatoes for us.

We’ll pick up our share weekly for 26 weeks and have fresh produce for our meals plus more to share with family, friends and neighbors.

It took me awhile to willingly try new veggies…I like my old standbys: salad, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and beans. Now, I’m looking forward to and excited about trying rare varieties of tomatoes, squash, lettuce and veggies I’ve never heard of before.


4 responses to “Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

  1. Awesome new adventure ahead!

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