Vineyard Growth!

I’m pretty sure the male kiwi is dead. Last year it was the two girls and now the guy, meant to pollinate the girls, is dead (I think). I’m not going to be rash and pull it out of the vineyard quite yet…maybe there is still a chance that it is just sleeping.


That being said, the grapes are awakening! This is last year’s golubok red wine variety. We didn’t get any fruit last year and I don’t expect any this year as most bear fruit in the third season.


Grass and weeds are starting to overtake the wood chips. That’s what we get for not putting cardboard down before mulching.


The crown vetch that was supposed to just take off, grow and spread like crazy is not doing so well. I’m not sure why as it is supposed to be an “invasive” plant. I see it on roadsides all the time as it is used to control erosion.


Just look at these ladies! They are out and about already this morning even though it’s a bit chilly. They squawk and strut around and look at me expectantly. I can almost hear Esther, the leader, asking for a treat.


Grapes are greening up
Male kiwi might not make it
Hops are rocking out!

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