Playing in the Mud

The boys and I were out today trying to get some marigolds and calendula in the garden beds while the sun was still out. On our way to check out the swales, we stopped by to give the girls a little treat of carrots, celery and chopped up kiwi.


A snack for the girls…

While the boys played, I took a peek at my tuber mound to see if anything had started to grow with all the damage the voles have done. I’m not positive, but this just might be some of the potatoes I planted a few weeks ago.


Possible potatoes???

I was able to get a few good shots of the Illinois mulberry and the weeping mulberry…so glad to see they survived the winter!


Weeping Mulberry


Illinois Everbearing Mulberry

While pulling some weeds in the West woody bed, I found a few volunteers.


Not sure what…some type of a squash volunteer?


Pumpkin volunteer from last year…I’m pretty sure.

I was able to get a few seeds planted before the boys were ready to go in…and by ‘ready’ I mean covered in mud wet from head to toe. image


In between the rain
Muddy shoes, smiling faces
Planting in the sun

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