Homestead Chores

The boys and I were out watering today and found that more rosebuds had bloomed and more strawberries had ripened to a bright red.

Joe, in particular, loves the strawberries, so we had to have a rather lengthy discussion about sharing. image

We watered the fedge and found that four of the seven blueberry plants are budding…the other three are most likely dead. There is no sign of any life on their stark branches which makes me kind of sad.

I decided to plant some vine peach in the mound with the rhubarb, artichoke and potatoes and while digging I found what looked like radishes…everywhere.


I think Joe thought they would taste like carrots because he took a bite, but promptly spit it out. I didn’t remember planting radishes in the tuber mound. After a few quick searches online I found that mashua, which I did plant, can have a mild radish flavor when young.

Yay, the mashua is growing!

I added a couple of new beds. In one I planted watermelon and cantaloupe and in the other pattypan, yellow, zucchini, acorn and nutter butter squash. I edged them both with nasturtiums and marigolds to trap the squash bugs and aphids.






Ray finished mounting the automatic watering system on the coop yesterday. All that is left to do is attach the gutter to catch rainfall that will feed into the bucket and install the indoor waterer. Next up for the chickens is to install the venting as well as set up the automatic feeding system.



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