Planting Peppers

Today I set out to plant the peppers and chop and drop some weeds and dandelions. I got about 6 of the 12 peppers planted…a mix of jalapeno and sweet chocolate…before Joe grabbed my hand and asked me to spray him with the hose. I, of course, obliged.

Then we took a walk around to see if anything new was happening on the homestead.

We were rewarded with the sight of our cherry rootstock trees and a few of the apple budding up.



We saw mushrooms growing in the swales. Joe wanted to “knock them off” but I convinced him to leave them be and see if they got any bigger, promising that I had once seen a mushroom the size of Charlie.


Then we visited the chickens and threw down some potatoes that were starting to turn. They came out and clucked and pecked at the potatoes, but ran back in when Joe started laughing at them. I guess they were embarrassed.
image image

The sun did shine
The birds did tweet
I planted some
Then played with my sweet



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