Expectations and Surprises

Sunday was full of planting and excitedly taking pictures of all of the new veggies popping up all over the homestead…sometimes in unexpected places.

We finished planting the peppers and then planted a bunch of lettuce and spinach in the kitchen garden.
image image

We have just about everything crossed off the list for the kitchen garden. All that is left to do is plant the rest of the tomatoes and peppers and watch everything grow. image

I did not plant radishes in the tuber mound, but there are more there than anywhere else. As I have mentioned before, I am not a big radish fan, but through the CSA we joined I received a recipe for roasted radishes. Any vegetable in my book is delicious when roasted so I’m going to give it a try. image

image  image

The potatoes are also growing really well in this mound.

Ray used the new ultra-powerful gas weed eater on the bean trench area. We fixed one of the posts and roughed up the ground a bit. Then I threw down some wildflowers and coneflowers and covered with a thin layer of mulch. I’ll be planting the beans in the trenches soon as well. image

This little gem is growing in one of the woody beds. It’s in the same spot that we got the volunteer pumpkins last year so I’m thinking that is what we have here. image

This is some borage that is coming up in the same bed. It’s doing a lot better here than in the kitchen garden. Can’t wait to see those pretty purple flowers!image

I’m extremely happy to see these little guys peeking through! The sugar snap peas did really well last year so I have some pretty lofty expectations.image

I don’t even remember why I picked up the hibiscus seed but I transplanted it to a larger container on Sunday. It is growing well and I think I’ll try making tea with the dried flowers. image

Basil and oregano are getting leafy and aromatic. I’m going to leave these in containers rather than try to transplant them. I have some purple oregano that went to seed last year growing in the garden and I’ve planed some basil as well. These will be for cooking while the others will be sentinels sent to attract beneficials and repel pests.image

Joe’s cabbage is doing really well! I found both boys digging in this last week so I’m hoping they didn’t do too much damage.image

We are getting this size container or more from our strawberry plants on a daily basis. I try to get out there before the birds and the boys wait “patiently” for their share of strawberries. We leave some for Ray to pick when he gets home because I’ve found that none of us can be trusted to leave a few uneaten.image

Finally, the other grape plants have started to green up! I was worried that only one had survived the winter, but the others are starting to fill out with those lovely dusty green leaves.

image image

image image

Sunday last, a beautiful day
The sun shone clear and bright
Lettuce, peppers and flowers
We planted until it was night


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