Veggie Update

I was a bit surprised to see how well the tomatoes were doing today. They had a slow and rough start, but they seemed to have recovered and are now vigorously growing.



I have mentioned the volunteer lettuce before. It would now seem that we have other varieties: black seeded simpson and some leaf lettuce that I planted last year.

image image

The peas are also doing really well. I remember how sweet they were and how fast they grew last year. They tied with the volunteer squash for fastest to production in the Annual Homestead Awards.

Joe’s cabbage and herb garden is outshining the cabbage in my kitchen garden. Yesterday I discovered that something was eating my cabbage. I have a suspicion that that something is a rabbit or two.

I exclaimed, “Someone is eating my cabbage!”

To which Joe replied, “It was Charlie.” Maybe he knows something I don’t?


You can just barely see the cucumber sprouts in the bottom of this photo.

I mentioned in a previous post that we had lamb’s quarters growing in spades. Well, here is a big mess of it on the North side of the tuber mound.

And a slightly smaller bunch in one of the woody beds.

These are the herbs, lettuce and spinach I plan to keep in pots so I can move and use them more easily. We’ve got stevia, hibiscus, basil, lettuce/spinach and basil–all started from seed.

Here’s a volunteer some-kind-of-squash growing in one of our woody beds. Now we have volunteers in all three!

I found another eager volunteer this afternoon…dill. I planted some again this year but am happy to see it sprouting up among the lamb’s quarters as well.

And this beautiful little sprout is one of the acorn squash seeds I planted a little over a week ago.

Lovely veggies grow
Faster, do not go too slow
I want to eat you

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