Planting the Stragglers

We received a few straggler perrenials in the mail last week that I am going to plant today…assuming the boys cooperate. I’d already planted one of the honeyberry so here’s what I have left:

Honeyberry (1)
Elderberry (3)
Nugget Hops (4)
Crown Vetch (4)
Creeping Phlox (2)

The honeyberry and elderberry will be going in the fedge, the hops and phlox in the vineyard and the vetch in the swale, or maybe under the beans with the wildflowers. I haven’t decided yet.



File:Creeping Phlox with dogwood tree.jpg

Creeping Phlox – Fully grown

Crown Vetch – Fully grown

Elderberry – Fully grown

Nugget Hops – Growing

I’ll be anxious to see how what we plant compares to the above pictures. It will take awhile to see the results. Elderberries take a few years to reach full size and honeyberries even longer. I’ll have to temper my impatience by watching the hops grow at an insanely quick rate. We won’t get much the first year from what I am planting today, but the ones we planted last year have already taken off and are growing fast.

Phlox, hops, vetch we plant
Berry, Elder and Honey
Water, sun and done

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