Rushing to Beat the Rain

While I didn’t get everything on my list done yesterday as far as the garden, I did manage to knock out a TON, even with the rush to beat the rain and the boys being…well, boys.

After feeding and watering the chickens, I started the soaker hose in the kitchen garden and in the strawberry patch and then headed to the vineyard to start planting.

I was ecstatic to see the phlox flowering. I had given most of them up for lost. A few were goners, so I dug them out and planted the replacements.





I then took a peak at my grapes and was happy to see that all but two were greening up.

wpid-img_20140601_114440_732.jpg wpid-img_20140601_114410_681.jpg wpid-img_20140601_114356_023.jpg

Next, I planted the 4 nugget hops and watered everything and planted a few peacock orchids in the strawberry/rosebush area—henceforth known as the roseberry garden.

At that point, both boys were ready for lunch–and Jacob was ready for a nap. I had been trying to keep them both entertained with the kiddie pool, fire hydrant sprinkler and sidewalk chalk. They are, however, brothers and seem to have more fun antagonizing each other than they do playing.

After lunch, I shut the soaker hoses off and readied the elderberry and honeyberry plants for the fedge.

I discovered that instead of shipping me the 3 that I ordered…they had shipped me 6. More work for me, but a happy surprise and a good problem to have. With Joe overseeing my work, an orange push-pop in hand (and all over his face), I was able to get them all planted.

I brought the pull-behind garden wagon out with me loaded with three 5 gallon buckets of water, a shovel and spade, the plants, some compost, Joe and a new chair he got from my mom this weekend. He sat in the chair eating his push-pop and asking questions every so often about worms and grubs. Of course, that only lasted as long as his push-pop, but even then he was a good boss.

An hour and six 5 gallon buckets of water later, the fedge was planted and watered.

Hot, tired and sunburned, I packed up all my tools. Joe shouted a reminder, “Don’t forget my teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-in-a-half-shell-turtle-power shovel Mommy!” Then he climbed up into the wagon and we headed back to see if Jacob was up and to find something for dinner.

Sun shines behind clouds
Raindrops gently fall, drip-drop
Rush to beat the rain

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