13 and 14 Status: Half-way Point

Time for an update on the status of my 13 Skills in 2014.

1. Sewing – The only thing I have done with this skill is hem a curtain we bought for our sliding glass door. It’s a little uneven and the fact that I used white thread (because that was what was already in the bobbin) is embarrassing, but at least you can’t really see the hem and it is functional.

2. Auto Upkeep – No update.

3. Firearm Training – No update.

4. Wilderness Skills – I’ve reached out to friends to see if they would want to come and camp in our backyard too. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten on this one. We will probably set a date for sometime in August or September.

5. Teaching – I attended a homeschool convention and I learned quite a bit. One big realization I had–lesson plans and curriculums are great to have, but I want to be careful not to just have “school, at home”. Meaning that I don’t want to mimic classroom education. I want the boys to be able to learn by experience, get outside, go to the museum, park, zoo, etc.

I’ll still have goals and a plan for the year, but I also want to be flexible and be able to change the plan on the go. I think it important to “finish what you started” but I also think it’s important to course correct along the way. I stuck to what I started in college, even though by the end of my second year I felt in my gut that teaching in a classroom was not for me…was not my calling.

It took me 10 years to get back to what I really wanted. To write. True, the journey back helped shape who I am today and to learn that regrets are a part of life. But, I think by showing my boys it’s ok to adapt and improvise “the plan”, they will learn that it is ok to listen to their gut.

I have the design for the learning and supply space I want to put in the basement, but that is really the extent of my progress. The swale took priority.

6. Reloading – No update.

7. Health and Fitness – The battle against laziness continues. I really need to find some motivation to get this one going.

8. Raising Chickens – Now this is one we have really tackled with full force. The coop chateau is built, the watering system just about complete and the playpen is shaded. All we have left to do for this year is to finish up the watering system, put in the automatic feeder and install the laying boxes–and possibly get the solar panel installed and working. COMPLETE

9. Bee Keeping – After attending the beekeeping seminar, we have decided to push this one back. There is a lot of up-front work so maybe in a couple of years we will be ready for this one. COMPLETE

10. Gardening – Our first swale has been installed, actually we dug two. The summer garden is planned and I’m almost done planting and I’m getting ready to plan the fall garden. COMPLETE

11. Archery – No update.

12. Blogging – Although I have not yet started learning about ways to enhance and promote my blog, I do feel that I am gaining followers and views every day. I would like to watch 5 Minutes With Jack to learn about more ways to gaining relationships and, possibly sponsors.

13. Canning – Still planning to do a lot of fall canning.

And that is that. So far we’ve completed 3 skills and another 3 are in progress leaving 7 that we have not started…but we are thinking about them so I hope that counts for something.

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