Vineyard Expansion

We’d always planned to expand the vineyard. Earlier this season, we planted a few more grapes and a few more hops. We were going to wait until next year to add more. That is, until we found the deal.

Ray’s mom called us and told us that Ace Hardware was having a 50% off sale on all plants and trees…she wanted to get us a tree for our tenth anniversary. We were on our way to drop the boys off before heading to Alaska, but we had a few hours yet, and went to take a peek.

There were a TON of plants, herbs and trees to choose from. The trees were much larger than those that we planted earlier in the year. We looked at the trees but couldn’t decide which one to get, so we started to walk around and see what kind of bushes and shrubs were on sale.

Then, I found them. The arguta kiwi. These are small grape sized fruit that are cold hardy and taste like kiwis.


“You are not going to believe this!”

“What did you find?” Ray asked walking my way.

There were so many plants! They were bigger and cheaper than the ones we bought from the nursery: half off of $16.

“Eight bucks, Ray. EIGHT BUCKS!”

The male we planted the previous year was growing really slow. We needed both male and female plants for pollination, so we ended up getting three new males ten new females. We added two rows to the vineyard and filled in the row we planted last year with a couple of ladies.. Then, we had 9 yards of mulch delivered to retain moisture.

We spent our Saturday planting and spreading mulch.

wpid-img_20140621_200653_273.jpg wpid-img_20140621_200722_559.jpg

The boys also seemed to think it was pretty cool.


As we stood back and admired our work, I imagined the hops growing up the trellis and the grapes and the kiwi vining out and filling in all the empty spaces.


I couldn’t help but think how beautiful it was and imagine how gorgeous it would be in the future.

A beautiful place
A shady spot to relax
A place to enjoy


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