Observing the Homestead

In my walkabout today, I made some random observations of the goings on at the homestead.

Observation #1: Chickens are hysterical. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think they have facial expressions.


Observation #2: The beans are growing faster and look a lot stronger than last year’s batch. I think there might be hope yet!




Observation #4: The volunteer squash have flowers…


…and so do the potatoes.


Observation #5: The yacon is finally defending its territory against the sunchoke (Jerusalem Artichoke)…a cousin to the sunflower.


After walking around, I wandered back over to the chicken pen with a head of lettuce as a treat for my girls.


Chickens love lettuce
Almost as much as melon
Not more than berries


2 responses to “Observing the Homestead

  1. Oh they definitely do have expressions…sometimes quite crazy ones, if my chickens are anything to go by! And our new pigs, well, you should see the way they look at me…:) Glad to have found your blog, looks interesting…

    • I just love watching my girls (and I’m pretty sure, my guys). They are so comical! Thanks for the comment! I’ve been blogging for a little over a year and find it to be theraputic…like gardening. Your blog looks interesting too…seems like we have a lot in common. My husband and I plan to have bees one day. We attended a seminar for beginners earlier in the year.

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