Tomato Sighting

While out pulling the dreaded thistle today, I saw some red–and not in my strawberry patch. The new tomato plant we put in a week ago has two almost ripe tomatoes that will probably be ready in the morning.


Ok, so it already had green fruit on it when we bought it so I guess it is kind of cheating, but I’m still going to consider it the first tomato of the season and I’m excited to slice it up and slap it on a sandwich. Or, even better, cover it with cottage cheese.

I caged a few of the tomatoes we planted earlier in the season and noticed tiny flowers, a sign of fruit to come. I have heard that if you pinch off the first flowers, the next group will produce bigger and better fruit. I just can’t bring myself to do it on all of the plants, so I will try it with a few to compare results.


Tomato fruit, tomato flower
Growing, growing every hour
Sweetness, promises your red hue
I cannot wait to eat you!

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