Borage the Beautiful

The borage I planted has really hit a growth spurt. The fuzzy green leaves and purple flowers it produces are even more beautiful than their pictures. The leaves and flowers are both edible. The leaves taste like a mild cucumber and the flowers have a sweet honey flavor.

I planted it in pockets all over the kitchen garden as a companion plant for tomatoes as it confuses the horn worm moths looking for a place to lay their eggs.

Our volunteer squashes are starting to bear fruit. I believe we have a watermelon as well as a spaghetti squash growing where the compost pile was last year.







Until my grandma pointed them out, I had not noticed all of the green clusters of tomatoes on our “from seed” plants. It is such a joy to see them…last year was not a great year for any of the tomatoes or peppers we planted from seed, but this year is off to a great start!wpid-img_20140626_084815_201.jpg

The peas are growing fast. Soon we will have fresh snap peas to enjoy. I’ve made a note to get them into the ground earlier next season and to put some in for our fall gardening efforts.

Here we have a Rose of Sharon tree we took from a cutting of Ray’s grandma’s tree. It is, by far, doing the best of all the cuttings we transplanted…and that is saying something. wpid-img_20140626_121019_553.jpg

Beautiful borage
Lovely leaves, fuzzy and green
Buds of purple hue

One response to “Borage the Beautiful

  1. Tamika Simpson

    The bountiful borage…..

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