The Twilight Zone

Twilight on the homestead is such a beautiful time. The air is thick, but not hot. The bugs are only just emerging and the light from the setting sun casts such a gorgeous glow over the gardens.


The three sisters garden is filling out nicely. I expect to see the squash blooming any day now and the beans are starting to twine themselves around the corn stalks.


It seems that every time I turn around in the kitchen garden, I’m stepping on a tomato plant. So many volunteers from last year!


Every day now, I anxiously check the coop for that first egg. I feel such an excitement as I open up the laying boxes. One day soon, there will be an egg waiting for me! Although, I should probably open up the big coop door. I’m not sure the chickens got the memo that the laying boxes are now complete and ready to be filled with eggs.


Cats play in the yard
Twilight settles on the land
A beautiful world


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