A Glimpse of the Future

Sunday was a lazy day. I had every intention of getting some housework done, but when I woke up, I just didn’t feel up to it. So the boys and I went outside to sit under the one tree on our property that provides shade.

I tried to read my book, but the boys wanted my full attention as they were playing with Boots and Echo, the latest additions to our family.


Joe, sharing his chips with Echo.


Boots (L) and Echo (R) learning how to climb a tree.

It was such a relaxing afternoon sitting under the tree and watching my boys pounce around the yard with Boots and Echo.

I picked this spot to relax because it was in the shade and the day was warm.  But, I also picked this spot because of the view. We had just put up the rest of the posts for the kiwi and grapes we planted this year and installing the wire is all we have left to do.




Once the kiwi and grapes are established, we will have even more shade. We will build an arbor for the them to grow over to provide privacy, shade and a play house for the boys to enjoy. I can see it in my mind’s eye and I’m restlessly eager for it to grow.

Sometimes, I feel like the homestead will never get to where we imagine it…like all our plans are in vain. Then I see the pictures we took when we first moved in two years ago. I remember the plans we made and put into place: swale, vineyard, fedge and garden…and I know that we will get there…it will just take time. Time, and patience.


Raised beds before installation


Raised beds after installation and growth


Kitchen garden before expansion and planting


Kitchen garden after expansion and planting

I don’t have patience
I’ve never been a stoic
Calmly, I must wait

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