I was pleasantly surprised by two discoveries in the gardens.

First, while looking for Japanese beetles to dust bust, I found the start of tiny flowers on our autumn olive. We didn’t get any last year as we had soil troubles and lost several weeks of growth before they bounced back. But this year it looks like we will be getting berries!


Next, while searching for my arch enemies in the rose/strawberry patch, I found peppers on one of the jalapeno plants. Three peppers are almost ready to pick! Now if the rest would follow suit.


The rest of our produce is finally coming in. The beans and peas are a little late, but I hope to make up for it with the fall crop. The cucumbers are struggling, so I’m not sure how many we will get this year. Probably not enough for pickles or relish.

Silly cucumber
No pickles again this year
How disappointing

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