Tales of a Crazy Person: More Trees! More Shrubs!

I was so excited to receive the Fall sale catalog from Burgess Seed Co. that I lost my mind and ordered 23 more trees and shrubs. They were SUCH a good deal that I couldn’t pass them up.


A few of them arrived dead, so I ended up having to pot 12 up as it is better to plant them in ground in September…about a month before the first frost.


I’ll be planting the lilac, goji berry and irish moss right away. The rest will be planted in September.

In other gardening news, I pulled this monster squash from the bed of volunteers. I believe it is a zucchini variety, but I’m not completely sure. Pictures I’ve found that look similar call it “green summer squash”. It’s a little bit bigger than a football. Any guesses?


The okra has had a pretty big growth spurt. I’m excited to see how well it does this year. Some of these are the seeds we saved from last year’s crop so I expect big things.


On a final note, the cucumber is looking rather sad. I expected to have some coming in by now, but it’s yellowing and the flowers look pitiful. There still may be hope, but I’m starting to think that homemade pickles just aren’t going to happen again this year.


Sadly cucumber
Pickles are not in the cards
Hopefully next year

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