Hybrid Squash?

The other day, the girls and I picked some volunteers: three pumpkins and two spaghetti squash. We also had some patty pan ready, as well as a couple of summer squash.



Patty pan, spaghetti and yellow summer squash

The spaghetti squash does not look like your typical spaghetti squash. For one, it is more ridged like an acorn squash and it’s green. I kept waiting and waiting for it to turn yellow but it just kept getting bigger and bigger so I figured it was ready. The taste is also slightly sweeter than a regular spaghetti squash…so I think we’ve created a hybrid!

Regular ol’ spaghetti squash

I gave the innards of the squash to my almost-full-grown hens. They attacked it with a vigor that resulted in a few flying feathers and loud squawks.


Here’s some yummy squash
A treat to end your long day
Now don’t fight my girls

2 responses to “Hybrid Squash?

  1. Not sure if you are still updating and/or checking this blog! But I got an identical acorn squash hybrid and it was delicious. Did you grown any more?

  2. I’m still updating…just haven’t blogged in awhile. Busy summer! They grew for a few years before they disappeared. SO good!

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