Fresh Eggs

Fresh eggs…so yummy!
The yolks so golden and thick
We can’t get enough

At first, we were collecting an egg a day. I’m pretty sure only one of them was laying. I guess someone had to go first. Now that she has gotten the hang of it and stopped laying them just any old place, she’s starting to clue the others in on the process.

“No Hester, not in the playpen. You gotta lay ’em in the boxes.”

After that, we started to get 2 a day, then 3 and now we are up to 4.

wpid-img_20140806_095751_011.jpg wpid-img_20140806_095826_111.jpg wpid-img_20140728_170234_380.jpg

In total, we have eaten about two dozen eggs so far. I’m pretty sure we only have 2 or 3 girls laying, so the rest had better get going. Otherwise, they’ll graduate early to the freezer.*



That’s right young lady
You’d better get a’laying
You decide your fate**

*Of course I’m kidding! These girls are my pets now…even if I can’t tell them apart.

**Again, just joking…sort of.

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