Happy Updates on the Fall Garden

The fall garden is progressing along according to plan. Well, not exactly according to plan, but I am happy with the progress at least. Especially after the horrible disappointment of the once promising squash.

Here is some of the lettuce I planted in the cold frames just beginning to sprout. Nothing out of the carrots yet, but they have more days to germination than the lettuce.


I set my brassicas outside in the shade and forgot about them for a day resulting in these sad looking plants.


But…as soon as I set them in some sunlight and gave them a bit of water, most of them bounced back with no problem.


This is the bed that they will go in. It’s out in our back gardens. To prepare it, we covered it with mulch and watered it so that when we transplant, we will have nice moist soil to work with.


The beans I planted in the tuber mound came shooting out of the ground very quickly. I’m happy to see them doing so well and hopeful of a big harvest for canning.


And now for an update on our chickens. After threats of the freezer, they have started to pop out more eggs. We are up to six a day now! And, they’ve finally figured out where to lay the eggs. We have found them all in the laying boxes.



Good for you chickens!
Finally, you’ve got it down
Soon, eggs for all meals


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