Okra! Corn!

Unfortunately, when I planned the garden this year, I did not take into account that we grew the okra from nursery starts last year. I should have started the okra indoors much earlier so that I could transplant in early June rather than starting seeds outdoors in June.

Hopefully, the heat will last at least through mid October so we can have a good crop despite this oversight.


The corn is coming in! This picture is from the three sisters garden I tried out this year and, while the beans and squash are not doing all that great, the corn has tassels and ears are growing. Homegrown popcorn in the fall!


In the Farmer’s Almanac, I found a few guidelines on when to harvest popcorn. The husks should turn brown before harvesting and your thumbnail should not be able to puncture the kernels. All ears should be harvested before the first hard frost, then shucked and dried for a few weeks.

After that, shell the kernels and store them in the fridge. Then, pop some corn and head to the couch to watch a good movie.

Okra rears its head
Corn has tassels and grows ears
Delightful garden


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