The Harvest

It has come to my attention that last year I posted pictures of our harvest every day, and this year I have failed miserably in that task.

So…here are pictures of yesterday’s harvest.

We ended up getting 6 eggs yesterday…but only put 5 in the fridge due to my clumsiness.

In addition, we harvested cherry tomatoes, black prince tomatoes and Mr. Stripey tomatoes. We pulled out 2.5 acorn squash and one patty pan.

This is pretty much our harvest on most days of late.

wpid-img_20140818_111102_041.jpg wpid-img_20140818_111216_086.jpg

On a sad note, we have lost another bird  and so are down to 8. The first time this happened…I assumed it was an accident. The second time. I found this note in one of the laying boxes.

Dear Owners: We’ve disposed of the other weak link. All 8 of us are now laying eggs, so you can stop the freezer threats.
You’re welcome.
The Rhode Island Reds



Homestead at sunset
So beautifully glowing
Soft and dusky gold


2 responses to “The Harvest

  1. Awe poor bird. Chickens are mean.

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