The Fedge, et al.

I came home last night from dinner out to two big, round, juicy blackberries perched atop the sea monkey tank on the kitchen window.


My husband had picked them while strolling through the fedge. They were so beautiful and, as soon as I tasted one I knew we had something really special.

Sweet with a slight tartness, juicy and full of flavor…they’re best blackberries I’d ever tasted. Truly. I’m not exaggerating. They were delicious, and as a bonus…they’re thornless.


Of course, the deer couldn’t resist the leaves. But they bounced back so quickly making me think that this is the wonder plant that we can fill our fedge with. We can have enough to share with the deer. Not that I really want to share with them after all of the havoc they’ve wreaked on our plants.


They are others in the fedge that are also doing quite well. The sea berries bounced back with vigor.


The autumn olive still thrives and grows thicker daily.


The honeyberry, the one I thought was dead…is growing and greening!


Outside the fedge, my cactus is blooming again. Only one flower and not as abundant as my grandma’s was last year…but beautiful just the same.


Everything blooming
Everything growing, robust
Beauty surrounds us

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