Wilting and Rotting

A couple of our tomato plants have succombed to some sort of wilty rot.

After exhaustive research, I’ve deduced that the culprit is a fungus called fusarium oxysporum that lives in the plant’s vascular system.


I’ve not been over or under-watering my plants, another common cause of the yellowing leaves. So, as one site instructed, I cut away at the base of the stem and discovered a dark brown discoloration inside. It’s either fusarium wilt or fusarium rot…both caused by the same fungus.

Luckily, it’s only attacked two plants so far and the season is winding down. We’ve already far outstripped last year’s tomato harvest with gigantic heirlooms and a few romas.

The ants, unfortunately, are eating my teeny tiny watermelon. I don’t blame them of course, something else is boring into the fruit and the ants are just taking advantage of the situation…as any good ant would do.


Boots and Echo, those cats who were supposed to be on security detail and help with critter control, have really done a number on the plants in my cold frame. Apparently, the whole outside is not enough of a “litter box” for them.

wpid-img_20140901_083412_188-1.jpg wpid-img_20140901_083355_078-1.jpg wpid-img_20140901_083332_388.jpg

On a happier note, the rest of the fall garden is booming. The peas planted last week have broken through soil and mulch.


The brassicas appear to be growing.


And the lettuce on the deck is lush and full.


Watching the chickens is oh so comical
Feeding them has become quite economical
Kitchen scraps they love to eat
Especially tomatoes oh so sweet
The vigor they eat with is most diabolical

wpid-img_20140901_072454_646.jpg wpid-img_20140901_072446_423-1.jpg

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