Eight Birds, Eight Eggs, Five Million Tomatoes

Finally, all eight of our girls are laying! I gathered 4 eggs in the morning, another three at lunch and a final egg in the late afternoon.

wpid-img_20140902_105121_504.jpg wpid-img_20140902_105053_866.jpg

So, naturally, the boys and I had eggs for lunch. The big egg we collected the other day was a double yolker. Joe ate 3 eggs, Jake ate 2 and I had one.


Today’s harvest consisted of a basketful of red and orange cherry tomatoes, several heirlooms and some okra. Later on, the girls picked some more cherry tomatoes, beans and a sprig of dill.


By now, full laziness has set in and the weeds have pretty much taken over, but at least I can still get to the produce.


Fragrant, beautiful
Rose of Sharon blooms and thrives
Grown from a cutting



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