The Super Smoothie

In our CSA this week, we got our hands on a pint of ground cherries and a pint of aronia berries.


I planted ground cherries this year, but have not seen them pop up anywhere. Our aronia berry plants are doing well, but we wanted to compare. We’re not completely sure what they should taste like when they are ripe.

After tasting the ground cherry and sampling the aronia, we came to a couple of conclusions.

1. Ground cherry, while interesting, is weird both in taste and texture. It has a pineapple-like taste with the texture and finish of a tomato. I like them both…but blended? It’s kind of funky.

2. The aronia we planted looks the same as that from the CSA, but tastes wildly different.


Even Joe agrees. Ours tastes better.


So what do we do with a pint of each?

We make a smoothie!

Ground Cherry, about two handfuls
Aronia Berry, about four handfuls
Yogurt, about four dollups
Kefir, about a cup
1 banana
Stevia, a 6″ stem plus leaves
Crushed ice, about a cup

Pulse in blender or food processor until consistency and color are to your liking.


The smoothie was not only a beautiful color, it was delicious and healthy too.

From the kefir, we get probiotics.

From the aronia, we get antioxidants.

From the ground cherry, we get niacin and vitamins A and C.

From our kids we get big smiles and cries of “More please!”


Cherries and Berries
Aronia, stevia
Delicious smoothie

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