Summer’s End

It’s hard to believe how quickly summer raced by. It seems like I was just planting my garden.



Already, some of the fall crops are coming in, the corn is falling over and everything else is turning brown.

I’m not sure how big the snowball popcorn should be, but the stalk was broken and almost touching the ground so I pulled these ears. I also picked about a meal’s worth of bush beans. I crunched on one raw and it was delicious.


Unfortunately, something is eating my brassicas. I either didn’t have time or didn’t take the time to plant trap crops with them. Shame on me.


On the other hand, the lettuce is doing really well and I predict a buttercrunch lettuce salad in our future.


The Jerusalem artichoke was blown back by the insane wind we’ve had over the past week or so. It’s still alive and the flowers are just about blooming.


I also found this little critter on the ‘chokes. We’ve seen these fuzzy guys all over the place this year.


After a few days of lackluster laying, the girls have rebounded. We are getting 8 eggs a day again. We eat them every morning for breakfast and still have about two and a half dozen in the fridge.


Boots and Echo are getting braver. They bound out after us when we go to check on the chickens and they’ve been over visiting the neighbor’s cats. Probably coming up with a joint task force to remove mole, vole and mice problems.

wpid-img_20140914_100229_821-1.jpg wpid-img_20140914_100219_185-1.jpg

The cats are at play
Chasing mice and vole away
Scared stiff of chickens

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