Autumn Eats

We had fresh garden beans with our supper last night. I picked them and snapped then just an hour before the meal. My sister-in-law cooked them with a little bacon grease and ham. They were delicious!


When it gets a little bigger, we’ll have buttercrunch lettuce to eat. I’d guess it will be ready within the next week or so.


Despite the bugs munching on the leaves, the cabbage and broccoli are starting to form heads. In another 3-4 weeks we’ll have fresh broccoli and cabbage to add to our meals.

wpid-img_20140918_175612_540.jpg wpid-img_20140918_175607_312.jpg

Against all odds, the comfrey has returned once again. How strange this little soldier is. There was on leaf on it when we planted it and the next time I looked it was gone. Only a teeny tiny nub was left. Now, two big and one little leaf have erupted from the soil.


We hope to start propagating the plant next year to expand our crop. It is said to be very easy…we’ll see.

Cabbage, peas and beans
Produce for the autumn meals
Delicious and crisp

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