October Activities

September went by fast
October’s here at last
We’ll have more fall fun
We’ll get to every one (maybe)

We were not able to complete every activity on our list for September. The days just seemed to fly by and before I could even blink, October rolled in.

October. Halloween. Pumpkins. Apples. Dressing up. Fun.

wpid-img_20140927_183729_660.jpg wpid-img_20140927_183556_473.jpg

The dominos and sidewalk chalk activity was a big hit! I couldn’t find our dominos so I used index cards to make my own. Joe did an excellent job counting the dots then matching to the numbers on the sidewalk.

We’ll continue this activity, adding more numbers each time we play. Since it is getting colder out, we’ll do this inside with construction paper numbers taped up all over the living room. I have flashcards with pictures of birds, cupcakes, pencils, etc that we will use rather than index cards.

We started the Letter/number activity with rocks. We collected rocks for every letter of the alphabet. I just need to finish writing the letters in the egg wells and on the rocks.


In addition to this activity, we’ll incorporate Halloween with a pumpkin seed game. We’ll learn letters by using pumpkins and other Halloween themed cut outs. For example, P is for Pumpkin, M is for Monster, G is for Ghost, etc.

Both boys have mastered putting toys away. It takes telling them about 5 times and several time-outs for not listening, but eventually they get it done.

Joe was not quite ready for the vacuum. He tried, but it was just too heavy and unwieldy for him. So I gave him an attachment and he walked around pretending to vacuum.

He’s doing a great job putting his dishes in the sink and putting the silverware away. It’s a jumbled mess but at least he gets the silverware in the drawer. We’ll continue with these chores and work on making the bed as well.

We’ll add a fun fall Halloween-themed craft using a cut out pumpkin, tissue paper and glue sticks. They will both have fun ripping up the paper…a favorite pastime of theirs.

Joe and Jake have been watching nursery rhyme videos on YouTube. Joe is really getting into it and learning songs like Humpty Dumpty, Muffin Man, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Old MacDonald. He still breaks out in song when doing every day things.

Jake sings along too. Sort of. We are going to work on pronunciation this month.

We did not get to the safety drills. We’ll try for those again this month.

We did do the ice excavation activity. The boys had a great time doing this. Joe kept shouting out what we should try next. “Grapes! Sugar! Coffee!” Funny boy.

wpid-img_20140930_101337_595.jpg wpid-img_20140930_101351_916.jpg

This month, our pumpkin themed science experiment will be Ghost Rockets. I’m excited, Joe’s excited and Jake is oblivious. Should be a great experiment!

And that is our month
Experiments and fun crafts
Of Halloween fun

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